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WOW Cover Photo's & AAW

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August 10 2023

June 18 2023

AAW Turning of the Week.jpg

May 1st 2023

May 25 2023

January 29 2023

Jan 29th 2023

Dec 28 2022

June 28th 2022

April 16th 2023

Nov 5th 2022

July 20 2022

Art Show Awards

Arts on the Islands 2023.JPG

Climate Emergency

Jurors Choice Award 2023 Arts on the Islands.

Nested Bowls

Award of Excellence 2021 Arts on the Islands.

Arbutus Burl Platter

2021 Ladysmith Fine Art Show

3D Best Wood

Flowers of the Forest.

2020 Arts on The Islands Peoples Choice Award.

Woodturning Magazine

Woodturning the worlds leading magazine for wood turners, read in over 60 countries. Dave was featured in issue #346 June 2020

Vancouver Sun Article November 21st 2018

 Click on the picture to view the article

What our customers are saying

The owners are really pleasant people and very helpful and accommodating.  Plus they know a lot about each piece of wood in the product.

Susan A

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