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Lunar Mills using Stabilized Wood

These unique mills are turned from local Big Leaf Maple Burl that has been stabilized for us with colored resin. The bronze finial was first made from wood and then cast for us by Burton Foundry on Salt Spring Island B.C.


Here are some of the other mills we make....

No Spill Mill

original (9).jfif

Our "No Spill Mill" is designed with a bottom reservoir that is held on with rare earth magnets. This allows the product to be ground into the reservoir for measuring or putting into a boiling steamy pot on the stove. The reservoir also catches any grindings keeping your table clean.

Lunar Mill

original (10).jfif

This Lunar Mill is turned from Australian Yellow Box Burl, the finial was cast for us on Salt Spring Island by Burton Foundry.

Circle Mills

original (11).jfif

This set of Circle mills is turned from North American woods, Ash and Eastern Hard Maple. The black bottom has been ebonized and has a gold gilt cream added to enhance the grain. The black finials are made from re purposed antique piano keys.

Tap and Alien

original (12).jfif

These mills are the Tap and Alien mills, This set is made from Arbutus Burl with Black Walnut finials.


Onion Mill Set​

original (14).jfif

This set of mills is made from Arbutus burl from a dead tree therefore is a much darker brown. 

Small Cayman Mills​

original (15).jfif

This Small Cayman Mil set is made from Teak and uses the Chef Specialties mechanisms.

Caym​an Mills​

original (16).jfif

Chef Specialties uses a ceramic and plastic mechanism for the salt and a Stainless Steel mechanism for the pepper.

Lunar Mill​

original (17).jfif

This Lunar Mill is turned from Yellow Box Burl


Cayman Set

original (18).jfif

This mill set uses the Chef Specialties mechanism. This set is made from Garry Oak the darker pepper mill has been fumed to enhance the dark rich colour.

Gumby Mills

original (19).jfif

This mill set is turned from Arbutus Burl using the Crush Grind ceramic mechanism. These are a sleek elegant design and one mill has a black ebony insert in the top made from re-purposed antique piano keys. The black dot represents pepper when purchased as a set.

Chewed Pears

original (20).jfif

The Chewed Pear mill is designed to resemble just that. These mills are made with Big Leaf Maple Burl and various woods for the spigot. This mill uses the Grush Grind ceramic Mechanism so can be used for either salt or pepper.

Vinegar Bottle Mill

original (21).jfif

This Vinegar Bottle Mill set is another very elegant looking mill. We only use Olivewood, Cocobolo and Black Ebony in this mill. These woods in combination are part of the elegant design.

Traditional Mills

The Traditional mill on the right is turned from Snakewood while the very tall No Spill Mill on the left is turned from Bimble Box Burl from Australia.

Traditional Mills

Arbutus Burl on the left and a No Spill Arbutus Burl on the right.

Mademoiselle &Alien

The Mademoiselle on the left is English Walnut and East Indian Rosewood. The Alien is turned from Arbutus with a Purpleheart finial.

Traditional No Spill Mill

This Traditional No Spill Mill is turned from Arbutus Burl.


Rock Collection

original (22).jfif

These Traditional No Spill Mills are part of our Rock Collection. A collection of various turnings that incorporate natural stones that lay within the burl.

original (23).jfif
original (24).jfif
original (25).jfif
original (26).jfif
original (27).jfif

This set of mills are Big Leaf Maple burl that we shipped to Artistic Wood & Tool in Toronto and had them stabilize the mill blanks with coloured resin. The bronze finials were cast for us by Burton Bronze Foundry on Salt Spring Island.


5 sets of S&P Vinegar Bottle style Mills

original (29).jfif
original (30).jfif
original (28).jfif

We use the best mechanisms we can buy which are:

 CRUSHGRIND® and Chef Specialties®.

Useful information such as their guarantee and the care and cleaning of the mechanism can be found on their site.

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